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About feeling guilty

Today I’ve been thinking about feeling guilty being alive. Ever had that? I surely had…but why?

As I was researching my own neurodiversity and reflecting on my behaviors, which caused me so much conflict in the past, mostly because the way I express my thoughts and feelings often comes across as rude, „robotic“, offensive, etc. to other people, I found myself feeling a lot of guilt towards my loved ones, since my way of communicating caused a lot of arguments in the past and present. These days I’m aware of that, though. This led me to spiral down the self-guilt-trip about forcing myself into other peoples lives and make them experience these stupid kind of conflicts over and over again, which I unintentionally inflicted and in general just about being alive.

Yes, this is certainly some irrational, self-pity, „poor-me-mimimi“ kind of behavior, and not my actual conclusion, so excuse my whining…

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